Delock Virtual 7.1 USB Soundcard


:wink: as promised, my first trouble report:

I have an external soundcard by Delock (identifies itself as C-Media Audio in Windows) that I wanted to use with my Raspberry/Volumio setup, since the soundquality is a little better than the inbuilt sound. The device is identified and plays sound, BUT I cannot control the volume from the webinterface, nor from the Volume buttons on the device, which is a bit of a show-stopper at the moment. I was wondering if anyone had an idea how to solve that problem. The description of the soundcard is a bit vague, so I join a picture of it and a link to the Amazon store where I bought it. … UTF8&psc=1

I’d be grateful for any suggestions how I could use the Webinterface to adjust volume, since the people I am building the Volumio Internet Radio for are a bit lazy and only grudgingly get out of couchpotato mode. BTW: Enabling the C-Media fix didn’t really have any effect.

Greetings from Luxembourg,


go to playback, select Hardware mixer then hit save. Wait a while and see if volume works.

Again, go to playback, select Software mixer, then hit save.

Happy couchpotatoing!

Hi michelangelo,

thank you for that suggestion! Actually, I switched to Software and then back to Hardware and then, it magically worked through the WebGUI again!

Happy new year to you and all your family as well as all the other volumio users!