Delete playlist entry bug, or intended behaviour?

When I delete the currently playing entry in the playlist the track continues to play (ok, surprising but no problem) but the display updates to show the following track as the one being played (which it isn’t).
When I press “next” to try to proceed to the next track, Volumio advances to the one after the one it currently shows as playing. In other words it skips over a track.
This might be deliberate but it’s not intuitive.

Probably a bug, have noticed that behavior too !

Some kind of recalculation/renumbering of the queue maybe missing when deleting an item

In random mode with a small list (ie 10 songs) , remove 4-5 songs, then sometimes nothing is played
(to speed up the effects click Next)

I think it is a bug.
If you first stop playing the track and then delete it you are safe.

thanks. I can live with that :slight_smile: