Definitive Answer on playlists

Hi All,

I’ve got volumio working successfully. I can create a play list and load it etc.

However I cannot get a definitive answer on what to do with Playlists; i.e. edit, save, delete etc.

Once the playlist is created, I can see it in /var/lib/mpd/playlists, I can then use SFTP to move it back and forth from Pi to my local PC. I take it there is no facility to add to or delete from, or even delete the playlist within volumio; only via SSH or SFTP.

I see others are using something like Clementine to create a M3U playlist and then loading it into volumio, I’ve tried that but the format is very different and will only work with a manual edit.

So, what are the answers? What is the easy way without moving files around, creating lists in other applications editing them moving them back, restarting… that seems an awful mess.

Any ideas?

I was just wondering the same yesterday: after a a week or so of successfully trying Volumio I now would like to clear the current playlist, and I would also like to delete a playlist I saved just to try the functionality. So, apparently no playlist management in Volumio?
Thank you! Marco

In the current volumio release there is no delete playlist option in the webui, there is no edit only a save option.
This is missing in the current release, youll have to edit via the commandline / ssh / sftp.