Hi There

I had a party recently and had lots of people round (pre-lockdown)

teaching them to use the Jukebox with Volumio took a while. In particular, all I wanted them to be able to do was click on the song and have it add to the queue as a default.

I’m wondering, why is this not an option in Volumio’s functionality? And how can I adapt the code to make it happen?

There are a couple of online tutorials that claim to have made it happen but I can’t find the folder - for instance - but I can’t find the /src/app/browse/browse.controller.js folder to make the change happen.

Can someone please help? It would be how I want my jukebox to work!



This “hack” was done 3 years ago. I assume the code has changed since then so that this folder isn’t there anymore.

How Volumio should behave when clicking on an song is controversial.
This will soon be configurable ->

If I remember correctly others have already asked for a “Jukebox-Mode”. So there could be a third option …


Yes, please let there be a third option … where do I have to sign

I only use Volumio for a few months so far, but I would have loved to have such a Party/Jukebox-Mode from the start.
I tried moOde in the beginning. At moOde, I have at least a selection menu popping up, when clicking on a track, asking what should happen with the track.
I just liked volumio better from the UI and handling, except for the immediate play. But for a party the behavior of Volumio is actually impractical.
Especially as the evening progresses… :wink:


If this option were available, I would also use it. Sometimes I like to listen to just a few songs of an album or a playlist. I do this by adding the entire album or playlist and then removing the unwanted songs from the queue. The “Jukebox-Mode” would make that easier.

In addition, this would also be a workaround for the “select multiple tracks at once” feature that some users want.


Hi there!

When is this change being made please? It would be great to be able to click a single track knowing that the one playing won’t stop and the one selected will be added to the end of the queue… Would it not be a simple change to make?



Hi There again,

ok, so I’ve uploaded the latest update and now the play behaviour is going very weird indeed.

I’ve got Playback Mode selected to SINGLE in General Playback Options but when I click on a single song the entire album gets added to the playlist, this is after everything else that was in the playlist is deleted.

Is there any chance you can add a mode where if you select a track it just default adds the track to the end of the queue without playing it (or the entire album) immediately please!

And can we have it back so that when you click the icon of a song you want it does not delete the entire playlist and just plays that particular track without having to fiddle around with the three squares in the top right hand corner (which isn’t easy sometimes!)

Please, please, please,