DB update causing issues

I currently run Volumio on my RasberryPi B. It was great and does what I want it to: play my music via a usb dac on my hifi. However I recently have been sorting out the tags and file structure on my server Partially because it was a real mess but mostly, because I also run Substream and it is far less forgiving about how folders are folders organised.

So, I have had to update / rescan my music folder. This has resulted in Volumio appearing to spin its wheels. When the update arrows stop turning, my library appears empty. I can still see the physical files if I follow the menus through to the mount point. I can still get music played by selecting it on mupeace… if it’s location hasn’t changed.

Anyone else seeing a similar problem? My only solution is to reflash the sd card and rebuild the db.

Cheers C

I have experienced the same problem.
But there doesn’t seem to be anybody on the other end of the line
who is listening to the issues that have been raised.

PS - the issue with the blank library is a bug, it can’t display more than 10K files.
But the other issues are very real too.

what other issues?

@tophee do you have 10k files or more?
with library you mean the new function in 1.4?

Hi Joda2,

Seems so… Apparently I’ve got 13647. Before I moved my music collection to the NAS from itunes, I had approximately 36 days straight of music. I’ve added since then…

By other issues I was including the following:
– If the NFS mount is not reachable for even a short amount of time (a milisecond), the
when it comes back, MPD starts up again and has to reindex the entire volume.
This work should be saved, somehow
– Same is true for playlists. At least, for me.

I want to emphasize the good points, though: which are sterling performance
no matter what the DAC (it seems), and true sonic beauty.