Database update stuck

I try this on Volumio 2 RC1 and 1.55 and in both cases the database update stuck (keep updating until infitiny)…

At RC1 the update stops after 48 folders (of total 708) and don´t go on… at 1.55 he keep updating but don´t go on… same amount of folders.
So i guess there will be a problematic folder/file, but there is no chance to figure out which one it is… the database don´t update in numeric or alphabetic order, so it´s really hard to figure out on which folder/file it stuck…

Any ideas how to solve this? Actual version is 1.55

Thanks in advance

Do you know how to use SSH?

Sure, but i don´t know where i see there on which file/folder the DB update is working… any hint?

SSH into Volumio and run;

sudo journalctl -f

While you do a library update. It will show you what is happening and should tell you where its getting stuck.

I might be in the same boat

journalctl: command not found

Where does it live?