DAC with Infrared, how to?

Hi guys,
I recently purchased a DAC with included Infrared receiver on it:
PiFi DAC v2.0

aliexpress.com/item/New-I2S- … 04536.html

I was wondering how do you enable Infrared on it? I know that here are a lot of manuals regarding stand-alone ones, but is there a way to enable on this one?


You should be able to follow the general raspberry pi standalone guides and change the gpio number to the ones that are connected through the DAC.

You will probably find some challenges along the way. I know I did, but I didn’t took the time to trouble shoot. But if you follow the guide step by step and confirm that each step is successful you should be able to get it to work.

I got it working with this guide https://volumio.org/forum/mypiamp-project-volumio-rpi-dac-remote-lcd-t3543.html

Did you get it working on Pi with Allo BOSS using Volumio?
Is there any change required in following the guide you have mentioned as it was prepared on old version of Volumio and Boss DAC was also not available at that time?

Do you have any other guide or instructions to follow for making IR control work on Pi3 + BOSS + Volumio?

No, i got it working with my PiFi, aliexpress HifiBerry clone, with the build on IR sensor.
I have to dive into it again to get it working with my Allo Boss.

Thanks a lot for your reply.
Now, I have to figure out which IR sensor do I need (which TSOP part number) and how to make Pi3 + BOSS work with remote.