Dac Connection

Hi all,
i have a old raspberry vers. 1.0 with only 2 x 13 gpio. i would like to wire to it the es 9023 sabre dac how second player but i don’t know how to do, what are the gpio pin to use.
can you help me please?
thank you

orange : MCLK
green : GND
White : DATA
Red : LRCK
brown : BCK
Alimentation :
black : GND
Red : + 5V

Have a look here : https://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?97803-piCorePlayer-Squeezelite-on-Microcore-linux-An-embedded-OS-in-RAM-with-Squeezelit/page100 it seems to be your case. I had one years ago with such wiring :wink:

Dear Friend thank you

but i have previously board type that don’t have the p5 lateral connection (no holes lateral gpio).
my board model is only with 2x13 gpio.

Some idea?


May this can help you …