Customize Radio Stream URL

I am relatively new to VOLUMIO / LINUX . Week 2 running Volumio and cannot complain.
Problem is more than likely at Source stream nonetheless I would like to add custom stream.
There are 2 streams -1)
Stream 1 works OK on separate PC *cannot find/access on standalone streamer.
Stream 2 (with Metadata) does not work on separate PC or my standalone streamer.
In the UI interface on my PC or standalone streamer , stream 2 is available on WEB Radio by default and does not work = Bad gateway.
Is there a method to add stream 1 in the UI interface ? I cannot seem to find a way to add this stream +/or modify the default stream - >>*remove the ‘m’.
This stream appears to be the only one available when accessing WEB RADIO / Volumio selection.
Please note that the default stream 2 was working last week.
Thanks, Ihor

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scroll down this to “add webradio” section More first steps - Volumio Documentation

:ok_hand:Thank You for pointing me in the right direction. I was attempting to add a custom URL in the UI but cannot see the obvious. I read the More first steps- Volumio and saw /understood the relevant procedure. I have my Radio Paradise Mellow Mix now streaming (without the MetaData ) *The stream w/ Metadata is problematic at the source.
Lesson learned is to read the VOLUMIO docs more thoroughly as I am still a novice at VOLUMIO / Linux
Thx again, Ihor