Custom Pi Streamer build and question

There are a lot of really nice builds from the community and thought I would share mine.I just finished building my Volumio streamer based on a Pi 4B and a wonderful kit from a gentleman named Vincent Fong. You can see the kit unboxing in his YT video here. DIY Raspberry Pi Player Kit Unboxing and Assembly - YouTube It is in Chinese but he is available for any questions via messenger. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable guy. I also have the first kit that was shipped to the USA so pretty excited about that. Just a quick note. I paid for the kit including shipping from HK to the U.S. and this is not a paid endorsement of Vincent’s product. It’s just that good and would love to see more people build the kit. In the world of audio it’s a bargain IMHO.

I am currently running Volumio Ver 3.233 using a Pi 4B 8Gb and 64Gig SD card. The unit is performing exceptionally well and I’m thrilled with it. I have also gotten the PeppyMeter plugin installed and working perfectly. It features a 5.5" touchscreen as well. It sends the music to a Schitt Modi 3+ then to a Akitika Preamp I built and then to my restored ST-70.

The issue I am having is trying to initiate a soft shutdown and boot up via a momentary pushbutton. I can get the wake function to work but not the shutdown. I am trying to use physical pins 5 and 6 (GPIO 3 and GND)The led indicator I have working off of physical pins 9 and 10. I have tried a bunch of stuff but cannot get the shutdown to function. I do not see the GPIO plugin available anymore so that option is not there unless I’m wrong about that. I know enough on the software side to SSH into the Pi but that’s where my skills fall off. ANY help sorting out this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Here are some pictures of the build as well as the power button I am using.



Using the post from “Ashthespy” in this thread I was able to get the GPIO plugin installed AND get the shut down / power up function to work perfectly! Upgrade to Volumio 3 - GPOI plugin missing - #6 by gkkpch

I’m very happy with the way the button looks and performs. I originally was going to use a 16mm switch but it looked too big in relation to the unit so I went with a smaller 12mm switch I also had on hand.

I also forgot to show it in the above images but Vincent includes a great feature in a removable, acrylic window for easy access to the SD card.

Comments/critiques welcome. Let me know what you think.

Here it is finished.

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Looks beautiful (and expensive :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)!!

I was going to suggest this as a possible way to incorporate an on-off switch but you’ve got it covered very nicely.



Actually not as expensive as it looks. The cost of the kit is $225 US Dollars not including shipping and the the Pi of your choice although Vincent recommends using the 4B as I did. The quality of the materials used is very impressive for it’s price point. I could not be happier.

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looks nice and not too expensive.

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I really like the look of this having watched his videos. How did you get on with building the power circuit , did it come with clear instructions ? the rest of the build looks like it can be done from the Video.