Custom MPD "pipe" audio_output?

I’m switching from a custom Linux-based audio server (basically just MPD) to Volumio and I’d like to know if and how I can possibly inherit a configuration to which I’m very attached.

Specifically, I have always used to set an audio_output in MPD based on the “pipe” plugin: the pipe plugin enables to play the stream through a custom command that will receive raw audio data in stdin.
It is configured like this:

audio_output {
    type		"pipe"
    name		"my pipe"
    command		"my_custom_command..."

The command I use (that I think gives me the best audio performance) is the following:

sox -q -V0 --replay-gain off -D -t raw -c 2 -b 16 -r 44100 -e signed -L - -t wav -b 32 - | chrt -rr 95 aplay -q --disable-format --disable-resample --disable-softvol --disable-channels -D hw:Pro,0 -M --period-size=8 --buffer-size=24

basically I take the raw stream (assuming it will be CD quality, the only kind I use), I turn it into a 32bit WAV stream and than I send it to my DAC running “aplay” at high priority, with low latency settings for period and buffer size.
(I can’t say the reason why this way performs better in my Allo USBridge Signature, it just does…)

I’d like to leverage the same configuration in my brand new Voumio installation: is there a clean and stable way to do it?

I can clearly edit /etc/mpd.conf, but it will be overriden at any minimal change.