Custom layouts

Something I have been thinking about since I started using Volumio with a Raspberry Pi and the 7" screen. Is it possible to change the layout, and I mean significantly :wink: Given the small amount of real-estate available over a 3rd of the screen is the volume control. I don’t really use the volume control as this is all done by my amp, it is set to 90 just to stop the output clipping. This means the track text is small, bunched up and can be hard to read because it only has the small amount in the middle. The cover art is also only a small image in the middle.

Now I am not sure how to make this work (I had been thinking having another “page” that could be size exclusive rather than the current general dynamic page) but I have no experience doing complex webpages, simple HTML is my limit and playing with CSS on a basic level. I did come up with a template for the layout I was thinking:

It keeps the general feel but reduces the importance of the volume control to a similar version to the dynamic page when on a phone. The cover art is enlarged and then the track/artist/album info is placed over the top of it (again much like the phone version of the page). The top and bottom would have the same buttons/controls as the current page.

Currently I have no idea where to start with such a project, assuming it was possible and I could learn the coding needed! Just thought I would share the idea and see what people thought of it, if it seems a good/useful idea to begin with!

Any progress on this?
I’m looking at the same.
I build an Internet radio project with a 3,5" display. Here the trackType knob isn’t very usefull.

Same here… I am using 4.3 display… I would like to see the album art on 50 to 60 percent of the screen… Like on phone apps…