Cubox-i Pro Spotify no USB Sound

everything works fine(ok, cubox has the badest SD Card holder ever produced! and SD cards should be formatted before using) but I can’t get sound with Spotify and USB to SPDIF Converter.
The optical SPDIF of the Cubox works and sound is more than OK, but sound from my USB drive sounds better via USB and so Spotify should do so.
My intend was to have a highquality Spotify player and so if someone has an idea…let me know!
eSata seems not to work, but USB 2.0 is fast enough for music. Spotify disappears after some time and i had set up everything new, don’t know why.

overall - nice work and so Thanks

so I reply myself…
after editing the /etc/spopd.conf USB to SPDIF converter (USB DACs should do too) works.
Login password is volumio
nano etc/spopd.conf
replace at the end the 0 with the name of your USB device name - it’s shown in the playback settings of the GUI.
save the file and reboot.
If you want to change the output device of spotify you have to do it again.
If someone can upgrade the spotifys search function - would be great.
For example - you search for Led Zeppelin, you go to a title that’s on Led Zeppelin IV and than you search for this album you get also all the Remastered ones and the Remastered deluxe ones and they are not sorted! Sorted by album Titel Nr would be really fine.
And to put an (Spotify-)album to the playlist and not title for title would make sense - in my age i like comfort :laughing:
To the developers: big thanks :exclamation: