Cubietruck and USB DAC

I am running Volumio 1.5 on a Cubietruck using the SPDIF/Toslink. I am planning to buy a SMSL M8 DAC ( … OU:CA:1120) using the USB portion of the DAC. I just wanted to know if anybody has used the usb of the Cubietruck with a USB DAC and if they have ran into any issues.


I’m using a Cubietruck with a USB DAC: the PS Audio DirectStream DAC. It works perfectly at all supported sample rates form 44k/16 to 352k/24. It also plays DSD1 and DSD2 (as DoP). I use my Cubietruck with Volumio exclusively as an uPNP/DLNA renderer but I think playing from a MPD library will work just as well. The Cubietruck is connected to the network using the 1G ethernet connection. Volumio natively supports USB2 audio so if the DAC you’re planning to buy has USB2 audio support, a Cubietruck with Volumio is an excellent way for getting the music to your DAC.


Thanks for the info Jeroen greatly appreciated.

hy laplala,

you wrote: “I am running Volumio 1.5 on a Cubietruck using the SPDIF/Toslink.”

how do you change or activate (to) SPDIF/Toslink?


Hi you can activate the spdif in Volumio by selecting Playback. Once in the Plackback menu in “Audio Output” select “sunxisndspdif” I have attached a jpg
volumio spdif.jpg

oh i see. this is more easy.

i use wolfson card and i have to activate audio - output per script.