Consume Mode [SOLVED]

How do I turn consume mode on in Volumio 2?

there was problems with random and consume in early 2.00x versions, haven’t tested yet but I think they fixed that in current version 2.011

Thank you. I’ll try it out.

Many thanks. It works.

Correction: it doesn’t work. It worked with a single track selection, but when I added a whole album to the playlist all tracks stayed there after having been played.

Where can I find version 2.011?

Did a quick test in 2.011 and both Random and Consume works ,found some issues when you activate both but will test that later with a bigger list
Note: A working Random and Consume together will be a nice “Party” feature

You can set your Volumio in “Test” mode by
goto volumio.local/dev and push the"Test" button, then update software the regular way
Note: You will then install untested software and that may contain faults
, and I don’t know if the developers like us newbies to use these versions

Thanks. I can confirm that Consume Mode is fixed in 2.011. I didn’t try Random.

No no it’s fine for you to try it (and its also helpful) but you must be aware that those versions may not work as intended… I will probably add a notice before updateing…

Yes, not everything works correctly in test mode. I found that I could not shutdown, reboot or amend a mount address. Out of test mode it is behaving again, but I’m not yet sure whether consume mode is still operational.

Consume mode is still working.