Constant issues with playback of Tidal

I get errors while playing from tidal saying “volumio session does not have playback privilege”. This happens a few times per day. Sometimes I can fix it by disabeling and then re-enabeling the player from the MyVoluimo page. Sometimes only a reboot will fix it.
As I tried this today I got a different error: “Error: A network error (such as timeout, interrupted connection or unreachable host) has occured.”
There’s no indications of issues on tidals side, so I’m guessing this is volumio issue.

Did it happen only one day or is it persistent?

The network error only happened once - the playback privilege issue is persistent. Some times it can be some days between each one, and then some days it will be happening several times.

How is your internet speed? I used to have problems with network error until I switched to a faster provider.

150Mbit/s symetrical fibre, sub 10ms ping to most places, pi 3b+ wired ethernet, using cloudflare’s dns.
I have 0 other network issues.

Did a reflash of the card today and will see if that does anything

The playback privilege error can be because you have TIDAL opened on another PC or phone, and TIDAL does not allow playback from multiple endpoints…

I’m aware of this, but I’ve only got tidal installed on my phone and seldome use it. And never when this have happened. Not had any issues since re-install, so it might just be old stuff left behind that’s not present in new versions.

Great, Keep me posted :wink:

Had the issue again now. I captured logs from journalctl.

I queued up one album from Tidal, it played the first track just fine, then skipped the rest of the album with the red notifications that it’s not authorized.

I’ve not used tidal on any other platform since reinstall of Volumio. I’ll pm you the logs as they’re not anonymized

Edit: I have the following plugins loaded:
My own plugin - I can post source if needed
Touch screen plugin
Keyboard for touch screen plugin

Reboot fixes the issue
Edit2: No - just enables to play one more song
My previous method of removing the player from MyVolumio and then re-enabeling it works better.

Edit3: It keeps on reappearing. tried to log out of myvolumio and log back in, but get error messages when i try to log back in.

I will bet a million dollars this is related to your internet provider and speed/bandwidth.

If that is the case why is volumio the only device having issues, and there’s no issues playing web radio and tidal works if I remove and re-add it on the myvolumio page?

Ps: I am IT professional

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Same sympthoms resurfaced today.
I tried same things as I’ve done before:

  • Remove and re-add device from myvolumio settings
  • Restart
  • Log out and back in to myvolumio

It sill persisted, it would play the first song then pop up the same messages.
I then re-queued the album and it’s now playing without any issues. The previous times I just clicked the next song in the queue.

And it’s back again, and no matter what I try I just get one song, until it decides to work flawlessly again. Can be 1 hrs, can be 2 minutes.
I’m sorry about the language but this product is utter shit!

There’s been a constant stream of promises about a new plugin since like May. I do understand it’s tough times, but this is the paid part of the system so I expect more from this than the rest, and a minimum will be that it works as advertised.

I regret selecting this solution and will likely end my subscription when it runs out and find another way to deal with it. It’s just not worth the troubles…