Connecting to Audiravana

So do you access from Volumio to Aud or vice versa?

Are you both using the same version of Volumio?

@tony_SWASH , try running BubbleUPnP on your mobile phone, then see if you can find Volumio as a renderer there. This will tell if the problem lies with Volumio or Audirvana.

Version 2.907 Bubble does not show Volumio

The Pi is running and I do all the other “work” via Audirvana on notebook or with the iOs remote app.

@achim1812 , what version are you running?

@tony_SWASH , check that you have not disabled UPnP on your router and also restart it just in case it is not handling the UPnP packets correctly. And…don’t mind me stating the obvious, have you enabled UPNP renderer in Volumio settings (under Sources)?

If you don’t mind the hassle, you could try RoPieeeXL on your Pi. If Audirvana fails to pick up RoPieeeXL, then this could be a problem with your network. Otherwise, we can most likely pinpoint Volumio…

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Bubble and McConnect show both Volumio…

And so looks Volumio on my iPad when music comes from Audirvana

Reloaded Audirvana, reset router, can now see Bubble in Volumio as a media player, no sign of Audirvana

Puuh…my very last idea: Do you use the free trial from Audirvana?
I know, that (similar to Volumio) they offer f.e. Tidal and Qobuz only in their charged subscriptions. Maybe they make only one device possible in free trial. And that would be your PC…

Snap! I was thinking the same. I am using the trial software. Maybe its limited

The support guys got me up and running. Now having problems sending the MQA file to Volumio cant get the MQA to unfold

What do you like to get?
Green or blue I get with the DAC as renderer AND decoder.
Magenta I get with renderer only.
I trust on my DAC, what I read in Volumio is sometimes something different.
Don’t ask me why…MQA will stay a mystery for me.
I’m on the road. If a screenshot would be helpful you get it tomorrow morning (German time)

If I play tan MQA 192khz track from the PC via a USB DAC then I get the first unfold in Audirvana and the second in the DAC. If I stream from Audirvana to Volumio into the RPi and out on the same USB DAC there is no first or second unfold Audirvana does not send it as a n MQA file.

I am out.
I get whatever I want displayed in my DAC.
and I only trust in the display of my DAC.
If the route is TIDAL > Audirvana > Pi/Volumio > DAC > Accuphase
this might be right.
Anyway…I hear no difference between CD quality and green/blue/magenta in TIDAL.
But, as mentioned before, this maybe an issue with my old ears.
And therefore for me MQA will stay a gimmick and I’m back to QOBUZ.