Connecting to Audiravana

Hi, newbie here. I need help connecting audirvana to Volumio to use on my PI

Hi Tony,
what is exactly the problem? After installing Audirvana on my PC the software gave me the choice (I think there is a loudspeaker symbol) between the internal PC sound or Volumio.
So, after choosing Volumio it has found my USB DAC and there are a few settings but I think it is self-explaining.
So, in any case you need (same as for Roon) a PC or a MAC for the core.

I have Audirvana on my PC. Plays through my USB DACS MQA etc. Very happy. Now I want to stream to my PI which has Volumio on it. I cant see anything in Audiravana that indicates Volumio

I’m not near to my PC just now. I check it this evening. But I am quite sure, on the right bottom is a speaker symbol. I clicked on it an Volumio was one of the options.
I check it later and come back to you.

Forget the red arrow…I marked bottom left

If I click the speaker, this is what I get

If I plug the DAC in it shows but no Volumio

Strange…sorry for the silly question: both in same network? Firewalls?

Same router, no firewall.

No idea…tried to disconnect the Helm?

It wasnt plugged in at first, surely it cant be that hard to connect to Volumio. Why do they make this so hard to do?

I reached the end of my ideas. When I cancelled Roon Audirvana detected Volumio at once.
Good luck…

Thanks anyway

I read here very often that Volumio needs volume on 100%. Tried?

These are my settings in Volumio

But I cannot believe that this is important for the issue…

Can you show the screen shot showing Volumio