Connect to a USB drive on another Pi running Max2play

Can anyone help please , am tearing out my hair!

I would like to use a pi running Volumio to pick up music files on a network drive - a USB drive attached to a different pi running Max2play.

Have not really got a clue what I am doing, so if anyone can offer any help at lo that would be brilliant.

Have set up a Samba network share on the Max2play pi. I can see this network share on my Windows laptop no problem, but I can’t add it into Volumio.

I have typed millions of combinations of things into Add A New Drive parameters in Volumio settings, but nothing works and I’m losing my sanity .

I’ve attached a screen shot (I hope) from Max2Play showing what’s set up there in network share parameters.

Many thanks

Can anybody a help and tell me how to fill in the Volumio screen to add the network drive?



I.m.o. max2play should be used as a server!? Fail: not possible!
The shares are only for reading-access! Get another PI to use it as NAS!
Software: openmediavault…