[collected] WebUI improvements

Hi, volumio (now that i got wifi working :wink: ) is working good. However, I’ll do some improvement to the web interface. Now it is kept as simple as possible, but maybe adding the possibility to show more metadata would be useful.
My songs (flacs) are all tagged with the album art, and with the lyrics inside it. Sometimes, (because three quarter of my music has never been played), i’d like to see the album art, and maybe the lyrics too.
I know that there are a lot of other improvement with a higer-priority, but in the future I hope to see even this!
Thanks, Nicolò

+1 for lyrics feature :slight_smile:

+10 for lyrics :slight_smile:

“Up Next” in the playback tab would also be amazing

I’d also like to have an option to pull the embedded image from the file itself if the DLNA server doesn’t send one (because there isn’t a folder.jpg).

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