[collected] Volumio name

I plan to buy more R-Pi for Volumio but the GUI lacks a field where I can set the hostname and similar details.

This is the first addition I’ll do.
Lagna, thank you for your tips, you’re really giving me precious insights! Appreciate! :wink:

No problem! Off topic: an “advanced” setting to select which volume the hardware volume is changing would be appreciated: maybe it’s only me, but in the default install I get HW mixer = bass boost. I had to set it correctly from the config file. Maybe the gui is looking for a standard mixer name, but my master volume is called PCM in ALSA and it could not be identified as main volume?
And also: after install I got mixer already, but the prefs displayed “disabled”. Then I switched to HW and I got the bass instead. Maybe in the default install it was using software until the user changes something?

I setup two pi’s with volumio on my home network. As they both shared the same hostname and shairport server name, a Mac i tested wasnt able to airstream to one or even both properly, and I could only access one of their webapps via volumio/ (although I could access each individually by inputting their IP addresses). To differentiate, I changed both the hostname and shairport server name in one of them by sshing and doing the following as root:

Rename hostname in /etc/hostname from volumio to a new name.
Change name for in /etc/hosts from volumio to the same new name.
Change NAME in /etc/init.d/shairport from volumio to the same new name (with quotes).
Stop the shairport service by running: service shairport stop
Load the new config: update-rc.d shairport enable

This could be turned into a script that could be run from the webapp settings page. Now it would be really great for multiple volumios (maybe the plural is volumi :wink: ) to “just work” out of the box. There are multiple ways to do this. One could be if on boot if it detects another volumio already on the network, then it appends a number to the end of the hostname and shairport server. Or could use a hash (or all of) the MAC address to generate a unique name. Maybe the webapp could be aware of other volumios, so that the first one to boot could be accessed via volumio/ and able to modify settings and play music on the other volumios.

+1 for this request. thank you.


I have just bought my first Pi (B+), and have booted it with Volumio1.41. Its a very nice product and a great way learn a little bit about the platform.

I see that others have similar ideas about the Volumio name. I would humbly concur that the broadcast name be set to the same value as the “Player Name” entered in the UI.

May I also suggest that the variables used in /etc/init.d should be assigned from unique values set in the user .profile? I did some design and maintenance work for a unix-based cable box maker some years ago. We set 20-30 such variables this way and thus they could all be verified with a glance and easily managed in one place.

It would also be nice if more of the user UI settings were saved as variables which would survive a reboot. In particular,on the Playback screen I would like to preserve:

  1. the “consume mode” set to off
  2. the “run” mode, if the player was running at shutdown

I shut down my Pi using the “Turn Off” button on the Menu pull-down. I wait to hear a slight “pop” when the Pi drops the USB DAC, and I then wait a few additional seconds before powering off my amp and the Pi by using a remotely-switched power strip. Item #2 above would allow me to later turn the power on and just allow the Pi to boot, Volumio to start, and music to stream automatically with no need to browse volumio.local

I am just now putting my system together. A photo of the hoped-for finished product is here: tenderwoodencare.com/whats_new.html

Thanks for Volumio and your time!