[collected] Static WiFi

Hi there,

Loving the new 1.1beta for RPi. :slight_smile: On my wish list is the ability to configure a static IP for WiFi. I control Volumio from a variety of different devices within the home and find that most of them don’t seem to support bonjour - so I need to point the browser to a specific IP address. If I can configure static for WiFi via the volumio GUI, that would be awesome.

I change the config manually now, but I feel a :frowning: every time I look at the network config page and it says that is has been edited outside of the GUI.

I’m pretty sure it would be a minor change for you, so please include it for completeness if you can.



A static IP is especially important for Android users. An easy configuration in the UI would be great.

+1 from me :slight_smile:

I always set a static assignment on the DHCP server on my router. It saves messing with the config every time.

I would too, unfortunately not all routers support this functionality.


Hey guys, this fix worked for me:

  1. Connect your raspberry to a keyboard + a screen, so that you can work with the command line
  2. Plug in wifi dongle
  3. power raspberry and let it boot
  4. type in the following command: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
  5. change the text so that it looks like this:
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback
iface eth0 inet dhcp
allow-hotplug wlan0
auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
        wpa-ssid "your network name"
        wpa-psk "your password"
  1. write out + exit
  2. reboot raspberry. now you should be able to access it through the volumio GUI
  3. select network - manual edit (in the GUI)
  4. copy paste the following settings to set up static wifi + ethernet:

[code]auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

iface eth0 inet static

allow-hotplug wlan0

auto wlan0

iface wlan0 inet static
gateway 192.168. 1.1

wpa-ssid "your networkname"
wpa-psk "your password"[/code]
  1. save changes + reboot

–> from now on you should be abel to access your raspberry through the specific ip address given above (in this case for wifi).
please check your routers settings before setting it up!

For me it didn’t work in the first place, because I chose an ip address that was out of the “dhcp ip range”
(log in to your router and check “dhcp settings”, there should be a “start IP address” and a “end IP address”).
make sure you chose an address inbetween and no address that is already given to another device!

Hopefully that works for your guys as well :slight_smile:

Thanks for the detailed write up! It may just help someone else who doesn’t know how to do it themselves manually.

I still think there should be an easy way to set this up from within the Volumio GUI. Maybe one day! :slight_smile:


it’ll be nice to separate tabs for wired and wifi network settings. ON/OFF, DHCP/STATIC for each of those.

Would be a nice modification. On 1.5 couldn’t activate it for the GUI(or it was because of the mobile browser)
But didn’t get webradio in function, after i deleted broadcast and the network Webradio is running.

Is there any news about this interesting and very useful function?