[collected] Song Rating Genre Management and Smart Playlist


AFAIC, the two features I really lack are:

  • support for song rating (1 to 5 stars) and genre (drop down of existing genres + option to create new one) management from UI
  • support for “smart” playlists like in “play 4 stars rated reggae tracks” or even better “play (rock or blues) tracks which rating is >= 3”


absolutely right, I was missing this features too. in 2014 this should be expected in any player - I am adding myself to this thread to follow the development or further comments on this.

FYI I’ve two tickets opened on this subject:

Yes the rating is required,Have you considered a database Sqlite Ex. sourceforge.net/p/rompr/wiki/Ena … 20Tagging/

Up, it would be great to have a rating system !