[collected] Shutdown and Start Up functions & Error Recovery

So I’ve got Volumio running on a Raspberry Pi and feeding into my old McIntosh Integrated Amp. Sounds amazing when it works, but it’s cantankerous. I fixed some of the stability issues by updating MPD; that allowed it to stay on and run overnight without crapping the bed. However, where it does run into problems is when it is rebooted while playing or if loses power while playing. If either occurs, then the webui is useless and crashes out. The solution is to stop MPD and reboot.

In my opinion, when one tells Volumio to reboot or shutdown, music playback should be stopped, and MPD should then be stopped prior to shutting down. This would prevent the webui from going non responsive. ResetMPD doesn’t work either and should probably be the same as a reboot.

Just my opinions.