[collected] internationalisation

Maybe this subject has been already discussed, but what about internationalisation in Volumio ?
Is there a easy way ( a sort of .dic file ) that allow to change the language setting in volumio ?
I saw that in some software (even commercial).
The soft is written in english, and for each language you can find a file call “italian.dic” or "french.dic " or “spanish.dic” in wich you have a translation for each command / line
exemple :
play : jouer
next : suivant
previous : precedent
and so…
I’m ready to help for the french translation :wink:

This is a good idea, but this would make support a bit harder since many will post screenshots in there localised versions…

But I think that the usebase could increase when there is a localised version available.

I personally never seen the dic files I’ve seen them being called .lang mabey because dic can be found offensive :wink:

– Edit –
Your could start with translations for sound@home see: sound-home-android-app-for-multi-rooms-and-other-t21-130.html#p9536

ok I my sample .dic means dictionnary… but I don’t think that the file naming is the most difficult … :wink:

Hi all, with a ton of help from @Balbuze, I’ve implemented language support in my theme selector project :smiley:

head over HERE to download the files (located near the bottom of the first post).

If you’re interested in translating Volumio you can download a template (download provided at the bottom of the first post at the above link).