[collected] Hide the volume knob

I would like an option to hide the volume know, and replace it with a configured output level.

It takes a lot of screen space on a little screen and where the user prefers the big silver knob on the amp, it would be useful to be able to hide volumio one.


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Old thread, but totally agree. Especially when Volume control disabled, it just does not make sense that there is greyed out big knob on the screen + volime control down in the right corner… These items aren’t even clickable. Will be much neater without volume control on the screen

So glad you commented on this Vennesch; so I’m assuming there’s no way to disable the volume knob right now? I’m running HiFi Berry on a 7 inch touch screen so it would be great to remove that and perhaps use the screen real estate in a different manner.

Not as of now… Topic exists for 6 years. Weird but true. Maybe we should suggest this feature elsewhere on the forum