[collected] album art!

I know this has been asked elsewhere before, but +1 on getting album art into the playback, playlist, and browse UIs!

Hi bdouble,

I have a solution ready based on Volumio 1.4.
I have been working on this for the past weeks.
It allows me to display artworks in the Web UI, but most importantly (for my own needs) in the following mobile apps :

  • MPod
  • Mpad
  • MPdroid

I just need to find some time to share it properly. I am wondering how much traction this feature would have in the community :unamused:
For the moment i’m enjoying holidays abroad, but i can work on sharing it when i’m back.

Would love to see this in the web UI!

Hi bdouble,

you can have a look here : http://volumio.org/forum/artwork-support-volumio-t1844.html