cold shutdown possible with volumio 2?

With Volumio 2, does cold shutdown still corrupt the installation on the SD-Card? Or does it run in ROM, so turning off the power will not affect the SD-Installation.
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Volumio is using squashfs for the read-only rootfs and overlayfs filesystem to overlay the rootfs with a folder on the data partition.
Most of the runtime operation is in tmpfs, so no wear on your SD either.
A cold shutdown should be harmless, the worst that can happen is that you loose some of your configuration data if you changed some during the session before the cold shutdown.
Try it out with a spare SD.

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Thanks a lot for this swift and positiv answer.
That means: volumio is fit for family, that is great!
I am also very much impressed by the new volumio 2.041, it works great, looks good (as before), and it is now supremely easy and smart to set up.
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Thanks for this !

For completeness, currently data and boot partitions are mounted R/W at all times, so there are data corruption risks potentially if device is not properly shutdown.
Proper shutdown can be done via UI, or wiring a button on GPIOs.