Coders/Hackers Help Wanted, Apply Within

I’m working on a little something :smiling_imp:
With that, I’m hitting the edge of my knowledge with python. I want to see this ready for Volumio v1, so I’m coming here to recruit some help.
I want to keep it under wraps until the foundation has been laid, and features are solid(this is building on existing software). So I’m not going to disclose what it is just yet :wink:
Python and or Javascript(NodeJs) coders would be the biggest help, but if your handy with a text editor I’m sure you can lend a hand. Oh ya, testing will have to be done as well. So even if you cant code but want to help, beta testing on Linux, OSX, and Windows will be a big help!
Send me a private message if you want to lend a hand! :mrgreen:

Good, you had fun, now rewrite it in a uniform color so that we can read it.