Change button size for old people like me? CSS file?

Hello all…

My first post so be gentle… :slight_smile:

So after a week of searching for music players for raspberry with touch screen i came across Volumio, its freaking great! Well done !

I made a raspberry PI 3 B+ with waveshare 4 inch capacitive touch screen. All is working fine after i installed the touch screen plugin vie the settings in the web gui.

So all is well except I , because i am older and have crappy eye sight & big fingers, have troubles with some of the buttons, as they are a bit too small, my son has no problem with them, of course…

Is there a way to either A) increase button(s) size via CSS or is there a theme/layout for people that cant see well? :slight_smile: Pay or free no big deal…

Thanks and everyone have a great day and stay safe!

Rob from Montreal, Canada

Good post Rob.

I think it would be a great idea to have an accessible UI for “big fingered, crappy eye sight” people. I have to say though that the choice of 4" screen may well not have been the best ;).

Perhaps not quite as simple as you might expect, but certainly worthy of some thought.

Ya, true. i need a small foot print, it is to replace a satellite radio i have at the cabin. So i wanted it about the same size… doing the classic view makes the buttons a bit bigger though…

Have a great day chsims1!