CEC Volume Control via HDMI

My Sony TV recognises Volume (version 1.55 running on a Raspberry Pi2) on the HDMI bus and it attempts to control the volume of the Volumio player, but nothing happens.

Does anybody know if there is a CEC script / interface in Volumio to allow CEC to control the volume and the functions of Volumio?

Any pointers / links on how to enable or implement this?



The complete web interface on the HDMI connected TV controlled with your TV’s remote control via CEC, that would be great!!!

Is that possible? I am running a RPI 2B so fast enough for running Volumio besides web browser.

Please show me!


A HDMI-CEC device (e.g. A/V receiver, TV) can be controlled via the tool “cec-client” on a RaspberryPi.
Vice versa a RaspberryPi can receive HDMI-CEC commands with “cec-client”.
It is also possible to use CEC ALSA Volume to control the hardware/software mixer of a DAC via HDMI-CEC.