CD Ripping - Auto-Tagging (Volumio Primo)

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.779
Hardware: Volumio Primo
DAC:Lyngdorf TDAi2200

Hi there,
I’ve started to RIP CDs with my Volumio Primo but something very strange happens:
First of all, the system doesn’t get any metadata (tagging info) automatically. If I just RIP the CDs it just get the default names and no album artwork.
If I edit just the artist name and album name it automatically gets album artwork but no info on track names.
I believe this should be all automatically with the ability to edit the info it gets from the internet.
How do I solve this???
From me it’s rather useless if it doesn’t get info automatically.
PS - tried with six mainstream POP/ROCK CDs.
Thanks in advance,
Paulo Nunes

Ciao Paolo,
about 20 days ago the online service we use to fetch CD metadata online stopped working.
We fixed it and this weekend we are releasing a new update that solves it.


What a time frame I used to test this feature :slight_smile:

I’m eagger for that update. Thanks in advance.

BTW - The sound through SPDIF to my Lyngdorf TDAi2200 is awesome.

Fantastic to hear that!!!

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I was very excited to install the new update. I Did it but it still doesn’t read any CD’s metadata info Automatically.
I don’t see any configuration or any button regarding get cd info so I suppose it should be automatic.
Please, this is one of the main features I want from the product. This one and play quality (which it has)

It says, after boot that:
Metavolumio plugin
This plugin is failing to start
Please install updated version of contact plugin developer.

For metavolumio, just restart the device and it should work just fine.
For CD: does it happen also for new cds?

If its not a problem, a factory reset will solve both of your issues

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My friends SOLVED.
Done a factory reset (rather annoying) but it immediately started to work!
Let’s RIP my CD collection.

Sorry if you had to do that.
On the next release we will make sure to clean up all the “wrongly” attributed CDs

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