CD Ripping again

Hi community

first of all, thank you for your engagement.
I´m new owner of a Primo Hifi, System V 2.729.
After connecting a external USB Samsung CD/DVD device, i can play a CD, artist and titles are displayed, but no cover.
What i have to do for ripping the CD and save on the connected USB Harddisk? Where i have to configure coversearch, quality and format (flac preferred )?
Sorry, but I´m not that IT expert and the manual gives no advice.

Thanks again and take care

Hi Stephan,
click on the cd, on the top you will see an eject icon and a disk icon, click on the disk icon and you will see the ripping option :wink:

Yes, i find That Button, but nothing happens.
Only The Button gets a black Frame…
Desperate And best wishes :unamused:

I Tried in Webinterface and nothing happened. Now i use an iPad and everything is fine. Strange…
Thanks a lot

Can’t check now. Can you please change to classic ui and see if that works? You will find this setting in appearance

I forgot , on iPad i use The App. That Works. Tomorrow i check your advice.
Thank you so much!