can't play mp3, only flac

Hi there,
Am having lots of issues with volumio

  1. I cant play mp3. Just will produce loud static noises
  2. I only can play flac or wav files.
  3. Even if I’m able to play flac, every 5-10 seconds, it produces pops and crackles. I had to set audio resampling to 16bit/192khz to reduce the issue.
  4. Is this compability issues?

My components as follow.

  1. Tinkerbord + Volumio > Schiit Bitfrost 1 (24/192 capable) via USB > Naim Integrated Amp.


Hi there

Old post but did you ever get to the bottom of this?

I’ve just started with Volumio and have the same thing with flac files playing fine but mp3 and wav are just a loud static sound.