Can't connect to wifi with 2.141

I’m trying to upgrade a Pi 3 to v 2.141 (re-flashing the card).

I can connect via the ethernet connection without any trouble. My wifi network is detected and I entered the password as normal. But when I unplug the ethernet, no connection is made to the wifi. Restarting the Pi when unplugged from the router doesn’t help matters.

When I try to turn on wireless networking and click save it reverts to ‘off’ after a refresh.

I haven’t experienced this issue with any previous version of Volumio on the same network/ Pi. Is this a known problem? What should I be doing to fix this?

Many thanks.

Doesn’t seem to be a general problem (just tried successfully with my RPi2, Volumio v2.146). Are you sure that you are trying to connect to the correct IP address … your router will probably assign a different one (I assume that you are using DHCP) to your wifi interface.