Can't connect to WiFi on latest build using Asus N10 nano wifi adapter

Hello, a few days ago I updated my volume to the latest version. After that I can’t connect to a WiFi network. I see a list of networks, and start connecting, enter the pass, the system says congratulation and start restarting wifi. After that I get red popup Wireless restart command failed. Tried fresh instal of Volumio, tried installing without any devices and I get the same thing. On cable everything is fine. In previous build all worked fine.
Does anyone have any solution or I have to wait for new build?

Wifi is definitely working fine in V3, so no need to wait for a new build. Hopefully you don’t have a hardware problem. Can you specify what wireless network settings you entered. Have you tried keeping Automatic IP to ‘On’?
Do you maybe have a whitelist set in your router’s wifi settings?

I tried wifi adapter on my PC and it is working fine. Tried switching to different port at Pi and it is same. I see a list of all available networks, but when I click on my it gives me password section and after that it says congratulation, restarting and red popup come.
I don’t have any whitelist in modem settings. Tried restarting modem too.
Will check for atutomatic IP.

Are you using a wifi adapter on the Pi or the built in wifi? Which Pi model do you use?

I am using Asus N10 adapter. And it worked fine on Volumio 3 just like 10 days ago.
Pi is Raspberry Pi 2 B

I’ve never tried a wifi adapter with a Pi, so can’t really help you on that.

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Difficult to say without more info.
Asus N10 comes in different versions.
N10, N10 Nano and N10 v2, they all have different chipsets/ need different drivers.

It is Nano. Will check for version. But it worked on same machine and V3.

OK, then it is the one with an rtl8188 chipset, the corresponding driver is missing in the latest RPi image.
Adding the driver appears to be work-in-progress for the next version.

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Changed the title as this is a specific problem, not wifi in general.

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So then we wait.