cant connect to wifi dongle

hi guys don’t know if im in the right place soz if I am I cannot seem to pick up wifi on volumio for the pi dongle dosent flash green like normal I can get volumio to start with conneted internet via cable how can I get volumio to recognize my wifi adaptor because my pi is out the kitchen away from the router in the living room the dongle works with raspmc openelec etc etc but I want to get volumio out in my kitchen on wireless dongle any help plz

Did you already check:
Menu->Network->Wifi Setup ?

If you cannot connect you should check with a EDIMAX USB WIFI Adaptor (EDIMAX EW-7811UN) This will work with a raspberry and volumio.

hi m8 thanks for the reply I can get wifi now but it does not stay connected to volumio or via ssh very long im having wireless drops all the time I think. I am using same dongle that ive used with raspmc and openelec so the dongle is fine ive red in a few places that this is a common problem can you shed any light on the matter thanks ?

If you have drops, might it be that you are using other High Frequency emitters like a soundsystem with wireless speakers ?
May this could be a interference.
Are there other wifi networks in your environment which broadcast on the same channel ?