Can't access via name, only IP address

Hi all, I can access my volumio raspberry pi’s web interface via its ip address, but if I try to access it using volumio.local or a local dns entry I made on my router it doesn’t work. I get a blank page with this as the source if I choose “Show source”:

Any ideas what’s going on?

EDIT: using the dns names actually does work fine from my phone, it only doesn’t work from my Mac. I’ve tried Firefox, safari, and chrome.

Apparently it does work sometimes in Safari on my mac, I don’t think I’ve seen it ever work in Firefox. Now I’m more confused than I was before.

Using volumio.local etc. can be a bit hit and miss. Nothing to do with Volumio, just the way that different operating systems work with network connections. I’m really surprised that you’re having problems with a Mac … that’s the one that normally works straightaway. Sorry, but you’ll need to wait for a Mac user to help troubleshoot (I have no experience at all with Macs).

I really wonder how the two methods can be different. Whenever I ping ‘volumio.local’ that seems to work right away so it doesn’t appear to be a name lookup problem on my machine. Is it something in how the node webserver handles different HTTP host headers?

I just did some more troubleshooting and got it to work on Firefox in a private window. I was convinced that the issue was due to my ad blocker for a few minutes until disabling it didn’t make it work and then it also stopped working in a different private window.