Cannot stream audio from OSX to volumio via AirPlay or uPNP


I have the latest volumio image running on an RP4 successfully.

My intended use for the system was to stream my computers system audio to the volumio as though it was an output device of the computer itself.

That is, I might come into my living room and want to listen to something off my computer and have it play through my hifi via the RP4.

However I don’t seem to be able actually do this. Some research suggests that upnp and airplay should just be automatically enabled on the volumio.

I can’t find any options to enable or look for the volumio on my MacOS system. I was sort of hoping it’d automagically appear in my list of audio output devices.

The MacOS system is able to ping the RP running volumio using its IP address and I am able to connect to its web UI via .local

I have tried installed Airfoil to see if that was able to find the volumio, but it was not.

Any advice as to what I can check and try would be great.
If I’ve missed off any vital information please let me know.


I’ve logged into the machine and ran ps aux.

It seems that shairport-sync as is upmpdcli are running.


I installed “Bonjour browser”. And in it’s output it showed that my OSX machine could “see” the volumio RP4. And momumtarily the airport connection appeared in my list of output devices.

I selected it and it spent sometime trying to connect and then told me it could not. The output device has now disappeared altogether for the output devices list.

I’ve turned off wifi and connect with just ethernet and it is still visible in bonjour browswer; but not I’ve not yet seen it in my sound devices.


Ok, it seems that if I open bonjour browser and hammer the “reload services” button, eventually “Airtunes” will show up and when it does I can connect to it.

If I then go back to my built in speakers, I have to go back through this process to get to working - otherwise it just refuses to connect.


I’ve disable IGMP on my router, it SEEMS better. Will report back tomorrow.