Cannot login to Tidal because of Apple ID account

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I’ve used the new “Register with Apple ID” feature when creating my Tidal account, meaning authentication is password-less and handled by the browser/OS. My username looks like this: I guess you would have to implement something to redirect to the Tidal page to make this work?

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Hi Rene, yes and we are already on top of this. We are working on a completely revamped TIDAL implementation. release should not be that far :wink:

Perfect! Thanks for your work. I’ve used Volumio for the last time a few years ago and now on a Rpi 4 it’s as fast and stable as ever for me. The only other concern I have is the user experience of the iOS app. The jump from being used to the user experience of Tidal or Spotify is quite large. But I absolutely understand this is a (mostly) free product and your focus is probably more on bug fixing and features. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks for your words! What would you improve on the ios app? What don’t you like about it?

Hi, I’m having the same issue here. Please let us know when a patch is available. Thank you!

Any idea how long until a fix is available? I just started a virtuoso trial thinking I could listen to Tidal and compare audio quality to Spotify. But now it seems I can’t link my Tidal account to Volumio, because I used an Apple account…

We implemented it and will release a test mode for new tidal in one week. This will make it work with apple ID. Will keep you posted here