Cannot lögin to Qobuz with Sublime+


recently, I changed my Qobuz subscription from Studio to Sublime+. My understanding is
that Sublime+ encompasses Studio.
But now login to Qobuz from the MyMusic tab in Volumio settings fails. Is this a bug or a feature?
If the latter, I would need to downgrade from Sublime+ to Studio which doesn’t make sense.
Is this a known problem?

Thanks, Reiner

Have a browse of the forums, it’s a known issue with Qobuz which hasn’t been fixed by Qobuz yet.


The problem with Qobuz has been fixed. There is a new Volumio version of today. (2.619)


Just downloaded the latest version and it works now.
Thanks for pointing out the problem and the solution!

– Reiner

Perfect [emoji106]

Still not working for me…installed the new update but seems to ignore my password and username

That was exactly the same for me.
Logout (although you are not logged in) and then login again.
For me this was the help and since then it works fine.


Yes, tried this, still no luck. Is this a Volumio problem or Qobuz?

I CAN log into the desktop via Windows so my password and username look to be ok.

There does not seem to be any confirmation when I log in. There is a pop-up that says logging in but No error message. The my music page just continues to show the login screen. When trying to play Qobuz it says 'can not read account

Help !

Which version do you have installed now?
Did you also restart Volumio?

Let’s try this:
send us logs after you login. see: … oting.html
then paste the link into an email to support at volumio dot org

Ok, ome significant progress…I flashed a new version of Qobuz and can now login, HOWEVER …im only getting 16 bit yet my sub is 24bit, did i miss a setting?

Thanks for your support by the way, very much appreciated.

Can you set 24/192 from qobuz quality settings?

Ah…fixed, thanks