cannot burn latest volume image

I fired up disk utility, pointed it to the volume image and dragged the newly formatted volume of a new 8 gig microSD card to the target. Hit restore and get this error dialog:

could not validate source - invalid argument

redownloaded the image. same problem,.

posted hash
IMAGE MD5: 6f570a4b9946fcda844bcce1d9d810c3
calculated hash
MD5: 6F570A4B9946FCDA844BCCE1D9D810C3


I presume that “disk utility” is a Mac program?? If so, you are limited to what Apple deems to be an appropriate image format …see here for more details:

You can’t use disk utlity to burn the image. The easiest method is to download the free Etcher app (runs on both Windows and Mac) :