Cannot boot Lenovo Thinkcentre PC (built 2012) from USB Stick with X86 image


I hope this question is properly placed in this forum:

I have an elderly Lenovo Thinkcentre PC blt 2012 with Windows 7 still installed on the internal HDD.
I would like to use this PC exclusively for Volumio.

I downloaded the zipped X86 image and expended same.
Then I flashed the X86 image with Etcher on a 64GB Stick and changed the boot sequence in the Thinkcentre Bios.
However I cannot boot but simply get an error message that it’s not possible to boot from this device.

Is there any solution?


Actually not, one of the reasons I missed the post.
Please put these kind of questions in the help section, I will follow up there.
Also look at Volumio Development/ Development Talks about the Volumio X86 Buster beta, don’t forget to read the first post and try 2.781