Cannot ad a NAS server from shared folder on Windows.

my log is
I’ve read a lot of topic about this and unfortunately neither of those could help me to figure out what’s wrong.
I’ve just installed Volumio on an old netbook and it runs smoothly.
The problem is that I have a lot of music stored on my main computer and I want to access the folder with my Volumio device.
I’ve already tried deactivating the password for sharing on windows, an also both vers=1.0 and vers=2.0

also, the error is this:
error in adding network drive (112) host is down refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page(e.g. man mount.cifs)

I had this problem. My shared folder is located on my Synology NAS which was not found when scanned. To manually mount my shared folder in volumio I edited the NFS permissions of my shared folder: host name or IP = (the IP address of my Pi3B+DAC), Privilege = Read/Write, Squash = map all users to admin, Security = sys and checked “Enable asynchronous.” In volumio, I entered the IP address of my NAS, the path of my shared folder (/volume1/music) and in options selected nfs.