Cancelled superstar subscription

I I upgraded superstar as I wanted to use the analogue input feature on my DAC+ ADC. I was disappointed to learn that although I could use the input to listen to analogue sources on the connected device, it was not possible to listen to this on other volumio devices on the same network.
there are ways of doing it but they require a lot of messing around with add-ons and I just wanted a simple option built-in to Volumio.

Is it still the case that I can only listen to the analogue input on the connected device or has functionality been added to easily allow the analogue audio to be streamed to another Volumio device?


We started working on this functionality and it will be released in about 2 months

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Epic :ok_hand:. I can listen to records in my living room when this is released! No room to physically have the deck in the room. Perfect solution.

You may want to introduce a sensible lifetime membership. Otherwise Volumio becomes more expensive than the best standalone ADCs …