Can some one help to set up web

i want to switch from rest api to web but still don’t get it running.
can some one help me with how to set it up and get it running.

best regards,

Volumio 2.x uses version 1.7.4. Are you using this version too?

Also, it would be helpful to provide some sample code…

i’m already on the latest version 1.8.1 i believe …
and that’s my problem to i found some old scripts and i’m on 3.074

all i found was this … WebSocket : Home Automation

but how to is this WebSocket APIs - Volumio Documentation

Can you use 1.7.4 just in case there’s some compatibility issue?

So am I right that you cannot even connect to Volumio?

how can i check the version ? i did a reinstall

btw i still don’t know how to use it at all patrick so it’s brand new for me

I checked the version by looking at Volumio’s package.json:

I got my copy of client here (download

Or you can just take the one I used for the Now Playing plugin:

Are you using this in a web page or within a NodeJS module?

i want to use it as a remote ( stream deck ) i use now the rest api but that doesn’t work that well previous is broken …

and i used your new plugin in a web page .

this is already giving me problems patrick can’t seem to find the things …

your now playing plugin is installed and running …

Do you program the stream deck with Node?
So I assume you know how to install Node modules?

Why don’t you PM me instead?

oke we are going to pm it’s better …