Calm Radio Plugin or viable solution?

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.853
Hardware: RBPi 4 in Allo DigiOne Signature Player
DAC:External SMSL SU9

I have just started using Volumio in an Allo DigiOne Signature player, so I’m very new to the world of Volumio and how it works. I connect to Spotify through Spotify Connect perfectly without issues so far. However, I also use the Calm Radio streaming service for classical music, but I assume to send it to the Allo player I would need a dedicated Calm Radio plugin added to Volumio. If there isn’t a viable solution to this already, is it possible to get such plugin (or whatever is needed) and add it to Volumio without too much hassle?

Thanks in advance

can’t you use the searchbar? and add them in your favo?

Thanks for your reply. It does work to play some of the content, however it is the free service and not the paid premium as the options are limited and includes commercial breaks. The idea is to be able to connect to the paid service either through the Volumio page with a plugin or from the Calm Radio app similar to Spotify Connect.

I’ve written a Calm Radio music service plugin for Volumio 3. It is in one of my Github repositories and is useable now. But I’ll try to get it published at Volumio in the next week or so. It will play the Calm Radio premium channels with your Calm Radio login but can also be use for the free (with ads) channels.

Hi ,

thanks for this plugin , but I can not login . On webpage all is OK .


I am not sure how I will be able to help. Are you getting this error message?
Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 8.59.55 AM

do you know the plugin is available in store as beta :wink: (not sure it solves your issue though)

Please try the version 0.9.0 that may correct your login problem

Would tiu please Tell me How to Install ți dorm your github

You should be able to install the v0.9.0 from your Volumio now. Click on ‘Details’ for CalmRadio from your plugin list.

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I receive the same error.

If you restart Volumio and you are using v0.9.0 of the CalmRadio plugin and it still fails for you, would you be wiling to email me your Calm Radio login so I may be able to determine what the problem may be?
You can email me at (put the pieces together):
fortheron (at sign) me (dot) com

the same error v 0.9.0

Same request that I made above to Lintbf …

sorry but why should i give my username and password to you.

So that I can determine why my plugin does not seem to log you into Calm Radio. I have a lifetime subscription to Calm Radio that (now) costs me nothing. Logging in works perfectly fine for me, but maybe there is some sort of difference if it is not a lifetime subscription. Calm Radio does not publish their API, so getting something like this to work takes a bunch of trial and error. I am just interested in getting this plugin to work for everyone.
At worst, I guess I would have to pay for another, new account to see if there are authentication differences. I just thought some other user might be kind enough to help.

The Calm Radio login feature of the plugin is designed for logging into a premium account only. Logging into a premium account enables streaming of all available channels.

Thanks ,but is sounds at advertising …

ok that explains why logging in does not work … free account.

Unfortunately the plugin also does not work with a monthly paid subscription.

I can login and see all categories. The images of the different playlists are also visible.

But when selecting a track an error message comes up with:

“Error Failed to decode
CURL failed: URL using bad/illegal format or missing URL”