Building a new Tinkerboard kernel for Volumio

I will want to add my USB DAC to the kernel for DSD direct. As it is mostly a no name DAC(Aiyima) there are slim chances to be added to the official kernel, so I will want to build the kernel myself with the added Product ID for my DAC.
My board is a tinker board.
I tried this guide here to compile the kernel on the board, but the resulting zImage will not boot.

I tried also the guide from here:, but the result is not as in the guide (the menu is different from what is the guide, I don’t have a sources/linux-rockchip/miqi/release-4.4 folder, is only in cache a linux-rockchip folder with a stable-release-4.4 folder), and when I tried to compile the final sources it failed.

I also tried to use the configuration that I found on my current system for building the kernel: config-4.4.71±2019.01.18-16.03 , but strangely is not outputting a zImage file, but no compile error. Then I tried to do a merge between this conf file and the miniarm-rk3288_defconfig, but again the resulting zImage will not boot.

Can somebody provide some help? Do you know a good config file that will generate a correct zImage file for volumio? Do I need to copy something extra except the zImage and the dtb file?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.