Bug reorting is buggy

Filing absence of “proper” bug reporting tool as a bug. This could be considered a recursive bug report :slight_smile:

More seriously, as a user the forum bug reports aren’t very informative from a bug management point of view-hard to search, lack structure etc. I don’t want to bother developers with things that can be resolved with a good bug tracking system.

The ideal would be a backtrace option built into the web interface uploading to something like bugzilla.

There is github - volumio/Volumio to track bugs/development. But it could use some cleaning up of old stale issues and such.

Stack traces are also good - It should be quite straight forward to catch an exception and forward it to something like bugsnag. But then again this should be an opt-out feature.

We are already doing that, we had to build our own reporting tool, since we need a big stack trace to understand what goes wrong…

Oh yes ofcourse - the crash reporter - I clean forgot about that! (help-crashing-volumio-make-stronger-t9298.html)

It would be nice if you could open up an issue on the forums/git automatically when this happens. Its a bit of plumbing, but crashreporter.js could spin up a simple page with a link that forwards you to issue with similar stacks.