bug of network share

I found a issue in the latest verion (volumio-2.323-2017-11-17).

I can’t add a new network drive to windows share folder.

The root cause is Microsoft Windows rejected the connection via samba protocol version 1.0 due to Security Issue (WannaCry ransomware use a SMB v1.0 vulnerability).

The volume system use the following CLI to mount network driver, it will fail.

mount -t cifs -o username=abc -r //windows-host/share-folder /mnt/NAS/music

The correct CLI to mount drive network driver is:

mount -t cifs -o username=abc,vers=2.1 -r //windows-host/share-folder /mnt/NAS/music

This bug may exist in the most recent version (2.344), too. My NAS (Samba) specifies:
server min protocol = SMB2

I have no trouble connecting to the network share from iOS, Linux and Windows applications.

The only error information I can find is the short-lived toast indicator which states:
“Error in adding network drive
(115): Operation now in progress Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)”

I thought that entering vers=2.1 in the Advanced Options “Options” field might solve the problem, but it did not. I also tried putting a comma in front of vers to no avail.

Also, ssh appears to be disabled for user volumio, so I cannot troubleshoot from a terminal.

How to enable ssh

I have this problem too… While I create new mount from UI, its always return to me: mount error(112): Host is down.
In my case, then I add vers=2.0 in field “options”, I was have successful mounted share.

Thanks for sharing this.

I think the only way to handle this without breaking compatibility is to make volumio try to mount with 2.0 option in case its rejected.
I will see and report back

Can confirm this addressed my mounting issues after spending some quality time troubleshooting.

Thanks for reporting this here and providing the bandaid, only found it because this has been added as a bug in github, so thanks all!

Hope this gets addressed for all others who might otherwise be stumbling around in silence.

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